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This year's seasonal demand for corporate apartments is extremely high, especially in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. Vacancy is equally low, and 'Class A' properties are charging premium rates as a result. That makes it important we share with you what we’re doing to accommodate every reservation possible, and how we can work together with our corporate clients to make that happen.

2013 has been a year of remarkable progress for our client companies. Their demand for fully-furnished apartments has grown with their changing travel needs, and Synergy has grown alongside them to accommodate the increasing number of reservations. This growth comes with its share of logistical challenges,
so as you consider your housing needs with us this
summer, we ask our corporate clients to 

make your reservations with us early, be flexible, and meet with your
Sales Managers to discuss how we can best assist you this summer.


Throughout 2012, we continually took risks, taking out long-term leases with our most modern, cosmopolitan properties to guarantee a robust inventory during Summer 2013. But despite our inventory, which has grown more than 40% since summer 2012, our Bay Area apartments are filling up way ahead of schedule this summer.

This is happening as a result of a few different factors, but increased involvement housing our clients'   internship programs is the biggest. Our corporate clients hire thousands of interns each summer, and they require housing from June to August. We have accommodated every intern program that they've thrown at us, but it will not interfere with booking our other guests.

In addition to these internship programs, summer events, Bay Area construction, and increases in talent acquisition in the tech industry all make this a difficult climate, so in an effort to accommodate all of our clients'  reservations, we want to offer some simple ways we can work together to make sure we take care of you this summer:


The best way to make sure we can book your employees’ stay with us is to contact us early. Our Account Executives are the best around, and with enough notice they can truly make magic happen for you. If you give us a call at 1-800-600-1115 or use our Property Search, we can get your employees’ reservations in with plenty of time. This will give them more options when considering their dates and which property to choose.

Many of our clients book numerous reservations at a time, so what is available one day can, in some cases, be gone the next. This makes it even more important that you contact your Account Executive to discuss reservation options as soon as possible.


If we’re short on time, a little flexibility can go a long way. For instance, if you book with us before making an employee's flight plans, the flexibility with dates means we'll be more likely to find an apartment close to his or her office. Or maybe dates are firm but your employee could just as easily live in Cupertino or Santa Clara as they could San Jose. With a bit of flexibility, finding the right apartment can be simple even with little vacancy.


If there is one person who understands what goes into getting your employees situated in their new homes, it is your Synergy sales professional. Susan Becker (Director of Business Development, Northern California) and Larry Kasten (Director of Business Development, San Francisco) engage with our clients on a daily basis to make sure we understand your needs. They can advise on best practices and provide insight on how we're getting everything done for our clients this summer despite market challenges.

If you have any questions about how we can help you and your employees during the summer months, these two are your one-stop shop. And as always, feel free to contact our offices at 1-800-600-1115 with any inquiries. By working together, Synergy and our clients are going to turn a challenging summer into a wildly successful one.

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