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Your head will spin as you discover more of what makes this city so unique. Lose yourself in Dublin’s literary history, dig into the plethora of international cuisine on offer, or explore the largest capital city park in Europe. And what’s a visit to Dublin without a pint of Guinness in a local pub? Take your pick from over 1,000 of them, or work your way through them all - your secret is safe with us!



Getting Around  

During your stay in Dublin, you’ll find that most of the main sights are within walking distance of each other. There’s also an extensive public bus network, which is normally cheaper and faster than taking a taxi over shorter distances, particularly at rush hour.  

The Luas tram  network runs through Dublin's city centre and can take you out into the suburbs. The DART train also offers a fast and frequent service that runs south from the city centre along the gorgeous Irish coastline.  

Top Tip:

Purchase a Leap card for a refundable €5 deposit. The card can be used on buses, trains and trams as you explore the views of the city.

Money & Tipping 

Tipping isn’t widely expected in Ireland. Employees in the hospitality industry, such as bartenders, cafe employees and cab drivers, usually do not anticipate tips, though they will always be appreciative if one is given. The one exception is restaurants, which tend to add an optional service charge to your bill.  

Away from traditional markets, haggling is uncommon. If you try to negotiate a lower price in a restaurant or shop, you’ll likely be met with a bemused look and possibly be considered rude. The cost of goods in stores already includes tax, meaning the amount you see is the amount you'll end up paying. 

Top Tip:

Irish people often don’t say plurals. Sure, your order of two Guinnesses for nine euros will get you what you want, but if you’re trying to speak the language like a local? That’ll be two Guinness for nine euro. Sláinte! 

Weather & Climate 

They don’t call it the Emerald Isle for nothing. Beautiful Ireland is green for one good rains here. A lot. But due to Dublin’s coastal location, the weather is generally mild. You’re unlikely to have days below 3 degrees Celsius (37° F) even in winter, though temperatures rarely go higher than the low 20s in summer either. Jumpers (sweaters) and waterproof clothes are essential. 

Phones & Electricals 

An electric plug in Ireland has three pins. Search for a Type G plug adaptor, which are widely available to purchase in Ireland. Mobile data reception is excellent in Dublin, and local SIM cards are available in all phone shops such as O2,  Vodafone and Meteor  if you don’t want to pay roaming charges. You’ll also have free WiFi at your aparthotel in Dublin.  

Safety & Security  

With any large city, it’s important you follow some general rules. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially in crowded places. Check your pockets frequently. Don’t travel to secluded areas, and stay local. Don’t roam around the city alone at night.

Eating in Dublin



Dublin is home to a diverse selection of bars and restaurants, catering to all tastes and preferences. Visitors can enjoy traditional Irish pubs, chic wine bars, fine dining establishments, and a lively nightlife scene with live music and entertainment. Here are some restaurants in Dublin we recommend. 

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Buying Food in Supermarkets 

You’ll find a number of small to medium-sized supermarkets or markets just a short walk from your serviced apartment in Dublin.  

High-quality, high-price: Keep an eye out for M&S or an independent grocer if you like the finer things in life. Some Dunnes stores feature upscale food halls with cheese mongers, coffee shops, butchers and bakeries. 

Mid-range: You’ll have no issues finding a small Spar  or  Tesco Express  supermarket near your Dublin apartment. SuperValu is also one of Ireland’s bestknown supermarkets.  

Cheaper eats: Aldi and Lidl are known as cheaper supermarkets, but the price-to-quality ratio is still impressive. These supermarkets are all over Dublin, but primarily in residential areas and not the city centre. 

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