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Customized Living Spaces

Synergy strives to make your stay as comfortable and convenient as possible. Each living space has been custom designed  to match the lifestyles of our guests. The Metropolitan Suite delivers everything you need when traveling to a new place, whether it be with colleagues or your family. Our housewares are top of the line and furniture modern and comfortable.

The PAD and the Synergy Sustainable Space are unique packages designed to satisfy today's collaborative and eco-concious guests. The live/work layout in the PAD generates a productive environment for intern groups or team projects.  An industry first in sustainable design, the Sustainable Space is our fully green living option.

Both products are unique to the industry and demonstrate Synergy's commitment to our customers as their housing program needs evolve. 

Metropolitan Suite

Synergy Corporate Housing standard apartment configuration is “standard” in name only. Our Metropolitan Suite is appointed with the finest housewares, linens, and modern furniture selections. We have also infused this space with many of the same key sustainability features found in the “Sustainable Space” package.

Sustainable Space

In an effort to present our customers with an ultimate green furnishing option, Synergy Corporate Housing and Fashion Furniture Rental created an industry’s first in sustainable design. Pieces were chosen for their unique beauty, timeless design, comfort, and for a more significant purpose... preservation of our ecosystems and environmental sustainability.

The Pad

Synergy Corporate Housing presents the PAD: the place to live, to work and to play. Our uniquely appointed live/work spaces feature state-of-the-art electronics and custom designed productivity areas. You can personalize your space with our mobile furniture and select the housewares pack for your distinctive lifestyle.

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