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Synergy Sustainable Space

In 2011, Synergy released the industry's first sustainable furniture package, the “Synergy Sustainable Space”. This is another example of best practice thinking that Synergy has demonstrated in all it’s business and customer service decisions.

In an effort to present our customers with an ultimate green furnishing option, Synergy Corporate Housing and Fashion Furniture Rental created an industry’s first in sustainable design. Pieces were chosen for their unique beauty, timeless design, comfort, and for a more significant purpose... preservation of our ecosystems and environmental sustainability. 

Our commitment to the environment is demonstrated through our passion for design, inspired by nature and our awareness of the importance of global conservation. That same commitment is echoed by the needs and wishes of our guests.



Our Eco-Bed system highlights our dedication to sustainability.  The bed features an anti-microbial, pressure-relieving, Eco-Latex Mattress.  Some of its other features are:

  • Bamboo Stretch Fabric 
  • CertiPurCertified Foam 
  • Non-toxic, All-Natural Fire Retardant 
  • Hemp Fibers
  • Natural Latex Palm-Based Foams Springs Made from Recycled Steel Wood Frame from Sustainable Forests 

In addition to the environmentally friendly mattress, our bedding also features 100% Organic Cotton sheets, flats and pillow cases.

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