Serviced accommodations
for productive living



Bespoke accommodation services for business travel and relocating professionals

We work closely with you to understand your housing priorities and objectives and build end-to-end hotel alternative solutions with a focus on comfort, convenience, and safety. 

Synergy, from day one

Synergy is much more than a leading extended stay accommodation provider. We are a hospitality company that seeks to make an unfamiliar world, familiar. From custom-tailored welcome packages to personal concierge services to strategic partnerships, everything we do aspires to bring that feeling of home into the services and accommodations we offer.

Whatever our clients may need - wherever they need it. Synergy's collaborative approach to building bespoke, end-to-end solutions ensures our services meet our clients' and guests' requirements and individual needs.

Experience The Synergy Difference


(Simple Mobile Apartment Reporting Technology) SynergySMART is cloud-based automation software designed to streamline Synergy’s comprehensive global apartment cleanliness standards. This ensures no matter where you stay in the world, we will have a record of your apartment’s cleanliness and sanitization ensuring you are walking into a safe and secure apartment.



SynergyWork offers Synergy guests everything you need to work remotely in your Synergy apartment. Alternative workspaces are available upon request complete with functional custom setups based on your specific requirements.



From our apartment cleanliness standards to the training of our associates to the open communications with our clients and guests, SynergyCares outlines our end-to-end health and safety standard philosophy. Wherever you go, you can trust Synergy took every precaution to ensure your stay is safe and secure.


Housing solutions that work for you

Our resilient dedicated team provides results with speed and efficiency.
Synergy is committed to supporting our client relocation and temporary serviced accommodation needs from booking to departure. We pride ourselves on delivering on the details for an exceptional end-to-end experience. 

We are proud to provide 24-hour customer support with a restless, solutions-minded team.
Synergy has offices positioned around the world ready to support any issues that may arise – no matter the needs or location.

The world largest global supply chain provides access to a remarkable selection of inventory options.
Synergy engages with like-minded housing partners who share our passion for maintaining the highest levels of service. Our industry-leading duty-of-care standards and verification process ensures a quality stay every time.

Let’s get started

The Synergy Global Housing sales and support are the best in the business and always ready to assist you with your next group move, relocation housing, or extended stay needs.

You tell us what you need, and we do all the hard work. Solution perfect for:

  • Corporate buyers
  • Procurement teams
  • Travel management companies (TMC’s)
  • Relocation management companies (RMC’s)
  • Hotel booking agents
  • Project managers
  • Global mobility teams
  • Group handlers
  • VIP's



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Global Housing Made Easy

  • Flexible cancellation clauses and terms
  • No minimum revenue spend
  • No implementation or set up costs
  • Tailored recommendations
  • Cost-efficient - but not at the expense of quality, safety, and security
  • An established global network of vetted quality accommodation providers

Experienced Account Capabilities

  • Individual Account Manager
  • Regular reporting and MI produced to spec
  • Bill back or corporate card payment
  • Extended stay administration
  • Third-party engagement with TMC or RMC
  • Access to ground transportation services

Extraordinary Guest Care

  • We care about you and your travellers
  • The Synergy Nine Point Care Commitment Initiative
    • Supports your duty of care responsibilities
    • Guest comfort and safety paramount
    • Infection controlled private spaces
    • Staff commitment, care, and expertise