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Synergy’s Green Initiatives

Our corporate model, which emphasizes promoting green and sustainable processes and products, creates a seamless and comfortable experience which benefits our guests and our planet, now and well into the future. 

Synergy Corporate Housing has always sought to create an exceptional experience for each guest and client. From our hybrid concierge service vehicles to a paperless and efficient reservation process, we care about providing our clients with solutions that positively impact our environment as much as possible. Caring about the planet is simply an extension of that commitment. We’re proud to announce our greener, more sustainable corporate model because we believe simple, conscientious decisions are key steps to helping our planet, our guests and our future. Not only is supporting our planet smart, it aligns seamlessly with the rest of Synergy experience.

Some of the efforts we’ve taken at Synergy to drastically reduce our carbon footprint are:

Featured LEED Certified Properties

Synergy works with LEED™ certified properties, such as the exclusive Potrero Launch in San Francisco and Circa 37 at Civita in San Diego, which have both earned numerous green accolades.  Potrero Launch is a LEED™ Gold-certified green residential project and features full rooftop solar installation and energy & water efficient landscaping. Civita community is also Gold-certified by the U.S. Green Building Council for its LEED™ Neighborhood Development Pilot Program.

Synergy Sustainable Space

In 2011, Synergy Corporate Housing and Fashion Furniture Rental partnered to create an industry’s first in sustainable design. The result is a sustainable furniture package, which features pieces chosen for their unique beauty, timeless design, comfort, and for a more significant purpose...preservation of our ecosystems and environmental sustainability.

Riding in Environmentally Friendly Style

A fleet of two Synergy-wrapped Prius cars make up our Mobile Concierge Program, which is designed to accommodate the needs of our guest’s at a moment’s notice. The Mobile Concierge is prepared to offer a short ride to the grocery store or hand-deliver extra linens all without giving in to the escalating gas prices.


Our Eco-Bed system highlights our dedication to sustainability.  The bed features an anti-microbial, pressure-relieving, Eco-Latex Mattress. Some of its other features are:

  • Bamboo Stretch Fabric
  • CentriPurCentrified Foam
  • Non-toxic, All Natural Fire Retardant
  • Hemp Fibers
  • Natural Latex Palm-based Foams Springs Made from Recycled Steel Wood Frame from Sustainable Forests 

In addition to the environmentally friendly mattress, our bedding also features 100% Organic Cotton sheets, flats and pillowcases.

A Bright Idea

Synergy uses Greenlite florescent bulbs in our apartments. This energy efficient light-bulb saves 70% energy compared to a regular bulb.

Sustainable Package

A “Sustainable Package” is offered in certain apartments, and includes a reusable grocery tote bag, 'Simple Green' Organic or All Natural Cleaning Products and a thermal lunch bag stocked with organic snacks.

Environmentally Minded Marketing Campaign

Synergy’s marketing team has incorporated an array of environmentally friendly promotional materials into our marketing campaign, including materials printed on recycled paper, bamboo USB drives, and reusable to-go cups.

Going Paperless

The Synergy offices have made instrumental strides in reducing the paper waste generated by printed materials. We have introduced transferable “Welcome Binders” in all Northern California locations, in lieu of individually printed welcome packets, and have adopted a paperless billing system.

These efforts mark only the beginning of Synergy’s Green Initiative and we hope to continue to support the conservation and reuse of our planet’s resources and to pass that richness onto our clients. Stay tuned for more ways Synergy plans on growing.

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