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Described as the “showpiece” of the booming Chinese economy, Shanghai is a dynamic hub for international trade, finance, and cultural diversity. Home to one of the world’s largest and liveliest metropolises, Shanghai showcases a unique blend of ancient Eastern and Western customs, making it an extraordinary place to visit. Its location on the central coast of China is easily accessible for global travelers, while its ancient Buddhist temples and soaring glass skyscrapers present visitors a surreal juxtaposition of the city’s traditional roots and modern innovations.

The futuristic skyline along the Huangpu River combined with the city’s numerous elegant pavilions and serene gardens ensure that Shanghai leaves a lasting impression on all who have the good fortune to visit.

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Things to do

Take a boat ride along the Huangpu River to see both the Puxi (Bund) side and the Pudong side of Shanghai
Eat, shop and walk around the Tian Zi Fang
Explore Zhujijiao to experience what it would be like to live during one of the Chinese dynasties
Enjoy traditional xiao long bao at a Din Tai Fung
Visit Nanjing Road East for luxury shops and trendy restaurants