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FEBRUARY, 2014 - 


Synergy Expands its global solution center to singapore

San Ramon, California: Feburary 3, 2014

Synergy is expanding its international platform with the upcoming addition of a Global Solutions Center in Singapore.

The new Singapore office will open in mid-February and is Synergy's second Global Solutions Centre, followed by Dublin, Ireland in 2011. Singapore office will be operated under the direction of Diana Ong with an experienced team dedicated to providing strong communication and a close working relationship with Synergy’s provider partners and clients in the region.

Born in Malaysia and a resident of Singapore, Ong brings 17 years of corporate housing and hospitality experience to her position with Synergy. For the past six years, she was affiliated with one of the world’s largest corporate housing providers where she managed customer fulfillment. She previously worked for Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Singapore, and Evergreen Laurel Hotel in Penang, Malaysia. 


April, 2014 -

Synergy's APAC Global Solutions Center chosen for its Green Mark Platinum certification. 

Key Green Features:

Estimated energy savings: 4,285,678 kWh/yr and water savings: 29,634 m3/yr.

Passive Low Energy design for building façade to achieve ETTV of 37.01 W/m2. Low-e double
glazing for vision panel.

Enthalpy heat recovery wheel to recover cooled exhausted air for fresh air pre-cooling at PAHU.

Integrated heatpipes design for cooling coil at PAHU for efficient dehumification and temperature

Photo detectors integrated with perimeter lighting control to turn off lighting when interior lux
level exceeds design requirement.

Sunpipes to harvest daylighting into carpark podium and roof stairs.

Incorporated 53 kWp of Solar Photovoltaic panel to harvest solar energy for electricity production
at roof.

Singapore’s first On-site bio diesel plant to convert waste cooking oil for bio diesel production.

JUNE, 2015 - 

Synergy partners with UBER to launch pilot program in San Francisco

Synergy launched an effort to bring affordable transportation to all of our guests, and we started in San Francisco. We've partnered with Uber, the global leader in affordable ride-sharing technology, serving over 100 cities worldwide. The pilot program gave all of our San Francisco residents promo codes to cash in on their next ride with Uber. 

San Francisco can be a difficult city to get around in if you don't have a car. That, paired with SF being Uber's home base makes it the perfect proving ground for a transportation program for Synergy's guests. If you use our promo codes, this partnership will blossom in many of our other markets!  Take advantage of our current promo code: SYNERGY20 which will give any new user $20 off their first ride.

Free Uber rides for all our guests? Now THAT is exciting news!

SEPTEMBER, 2014 - 

Carl Wentworth

Synergy Houses Carl Wentworth during his Cross-country "Walk for Heroes"

CW_Main.jpgFor Carl Wentworth, what began as a simple request to have his father buried with full military honors turned into a walking campaign to stand up and honor all veterans for their service.

His cross-country "Walk for Heroes" began November 11, 2013 in Boston and ended on August 30, 2014 at the Santa Monica Pier.

Synergy had the honor of providing an apartment for Carl as he walked into Downtown Los Angeles on August 29 from a city nearly thirty miles away. Carl was brimming with gratitude for his warm welcome from Synergy, the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and the staff at Avant Southpark Apartments.

He told stories of his journey which were insightful and rich with inspiration. The following day Carl walked from Downtown Los Angeles to the Santa Monica Pier where he was greeted by Synergy Associates Ronna Goldstein and Nancy Walsh, along with Ronna's father David Rosen, a World War II veteran. They proudly walked with Carl on the last leg of his journey to the end of the pier where friends, strangers, and veterans all thanked Carl for building awareness for veterans through his "Walk for Heroes" campaign, a 5,000 mile journey!

> Learn more about Carl's walk across the country here.
> See the LA Chamber's post on Synergy and Carl.


Synergy's Ronna Goldstein, Carl Wentworth, and Ronna's father David Rosen, a WWII vet.

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