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Synergy Corporate Housing Expands EMEA Service Center Dublin

SAN RAMON, Calif. (May 7, 2014) –

Synergy Corporate Housing announces that its EMEA Service Center in Dublin, Ireland, has expanded to new and larger state-of-the-art facilities in order to accommodate growing demand from its customer base throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Synergy Serviced Apartments Ltd. opened in Dublin in 2010 as the EMEA Service Center for the innovative corporate housing provider’s strategic global expansion. The company’s internationally-recognized reputation for providing exceptional customer care has led to fast-growing demand for its services by companies around the globe. 

“Since opening our EMEA Service Center three years ago, client growth and demand has increased exponentially,” said Robert McDaniel, Executive Vice President with U.S.-based Synergy Corporate Housing.  “At Synergy, we form a connection with every guest to make the corporate housing experience personal and refreshing from the initial reservation and continuing through the end of their stay.  Our clients value this personal, consultative approach because it allows them to focus on their business knowing they have happy and productive employees.”

Synergy is the only U.S.-based corporate housing company with a physical presence in Dublin.  The company identified Dublin as a strategic choice for its EMEA Service Center due to its growing economy that includes the headquarters of many international brands and Fortune 500 companies.  Other key factors included the city’s compatible time zone, highly educated work force with English as a first language, and proximity to other European locations.    

“We are firmly rooted in our new and larger state-of-the-art facilities, giving us even more resources to continue our successful expansion and ensure our clients receive an exceptional corporate housing experience,” said Suzanne Smith, Synergy’s EMEA Managing Director.  “Our best-in-class portfolio is growing quickly to support the mobility requirements of our clients.  We are building our service team with professionals who are the best in the industry and who share Synergy’s dedication to providing customers with a smooth process, world-class service and custom-tailored solutions.”  

The Synergy EMEA team collectively brings more than 50 years of experience in the corporate relocation industry, a distinct advantage in a competitive and fast-changing global environment. 

“Our employees have a wealth of experience living and working in many of our most popular client locations.  They also have the languages to communicate in the client’s home tongue.  This, combined with the depth and range of our experience, means we are able to effectively handle any challenge,” said Ms. Smith.

Synergy’s EMEA Service Center is now located just 19 kilometers south of Dublin’s city center and immediately off the M50, the main motorway from the Dublin airport.  The M50 contains the fiber-optic backbone of Ireland’s south coast, giving Synergy access to the highest internet speeds not only in Ireland but in greater Europe as well.  “This is an absolute necessity for our ability to work and communicate with partners in multiple time zones,” Ms. Smith said.

The Synergy EMEA Service Center in Dublin works closely with Denise D’Mello, Synergy’s Director of Global Solutions based in London.  Ms. D’Mello visits regularly with Synergy clients and partners throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East, conducting due diligence and quality assurance. She has formed strong and lasting relationships in countries including, but not limited to: Morocco, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Amsterdam, France, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.     

“By building relationships with some of the largest FTSE 500 companies as well as startups, we ensure that Synergy is integrated as an extension of their business,” said Ms. D’Mello.  “As a global provider, our team communicates and innovates together to ensure a cohesive and very high standard of service for our customers.  It’s this commitment to service and excellence that is driving the growth of Synergy’s international portfolio.”

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