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Paws on the Property

Meet Giana, a pet-lover who recently relocated to San Francisco. Her move meant introducing her four-legged friends to a whole new city, but with Synergy's help Giana and her pets had everything they needed the day they moved in. Take a look!

Paws on the Property

Your pets are family

At Synergy we understand how important pets are to our guests. We want to make the transition for all of our furry and four-legged guests as easy as it is for their owners. Our Paws on the Property program is our effort to welcome an extension of your family, adding that personalized touch that a corporate housing partner should.

Our Pet Package includes:

  • Travel pet bowl with handle
  • First bag of dog/cat treats
  • Doggy waste bags
  • Disposable litter box for cats
  • Personalized welcome note
  • Custom packages available upon request

Currently offered in California locations only. 

Pet-Friendly Properties


In 2013 the SF SPCA saved 5,200 pets, more than 4,900 of which have been adopted.

The San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or SPCA was founded in 1868 as a community-supported nonprofit dedicated to saving, protecting and caring for cats and dogs.

They do this through immediate care of animals that are homeless, ill, or simply in need of an advocate. They educate the community, reduce the number of unwanted kittens and puppies through spaying/neutering programs, and improve the quality of life of thousands of animals every year.

Synergy chose to work with the SPCA for this little project to help raise awareness that if you're looking for a companion in San Francisco, they should be your first phone call. To view their pets and find out more about adopting one, please visit their website at sfspca.org.


Our service crew has a special standard for cleaning our pet-friendly units. We have created informed best practices, which include carpet cleaning services from Resalign, to guarantee that the next guest who moves into the apartment will find only the most beautifully appointed apartment that meets all their expectations. We take your health and cleanliness seriously


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