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Innovative Technology

We have spent the last two years developing the most unique suite of technology tools any corporate housing company has ever offered.

Our mobile app delivers you custom maps, videos, and arrival instructions specific to your reservation, straight to your phone. If any detail of your reservation changes, it updates in our mobile app in real time. It is a level of personalization this industry has never seen. We believe we are turning over new ground.

Our marketing team has spent months walking in the shoes of our guests and collaborating with world-class multidisciplinary developers, and we're confident no one has ever offered a more effective and paperless tool for corporate travelers.


Synergy's improved Mobile App 

We've spent the last year re-imagining the way our guests check into Synergy apartments.

From now on when you confirm your reservation with your Account Executive, Synergy will send you an e-mail with buttons linking to both the iOS and Android versions of the mobile app. Push the appropriate button and use your e-mail and confirmation number to log in.

Our app pulls all of your reservation details directly into your phone, and it updates in real time.

Everything from your new address and dates of stay to unit-specific maps and photos of your actual parking garage entrance will be in the palm of your hand. You won't be obligated to print anything from Synergy again.

As always, you'll be able to search properties, view featured locations, specials, learn about the Synergy team, read our news and events, and request a property for your next stay. You can use our "Around Me" feature to get acquainted with the attractions around your property before you arrive, and even request apartment extensions or maintenance.

The application is available now for Android and iOS mobile devices. Click here to be directed to Google Play to download on your Android device. Click here to download from the iTunes store. 

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My Synergy Portal

The My Synergy Portal enables our clients to have a comprehensive view of their company's reservation activity. It is a convenient place for you to sort and view information about all reservations in your pipeline. This technology allows us to further our commitment to being “Green” with paperless invoices. Click "My Synergy" at the top of this page to access your portal. 

The many features and benefits of the portal include:

• All bookings organized by property in an easy to read schedule board

• Confirm a guests’ departure or request an extension

Submit a service request 

Find all details of each reservation 

View and email invoices 

View apartment details 

• Search for reservations by reservation number, arrival date, guest name & many more

Search your current inventory for availability for new guests

Submit new booking requests directly with your Account Executive

To set up web access for your company, email marketing@synergyhousing.com.


SIMPLE, Convenient, effective.

Synergy also offers a text messaging service – a simple, effective way for us to quickly communicate important details to guarantee your guest hasn't missed any important details. Your company can opt-in with your Account Executive so your guests receive timely messages regarding check-in time, verification of on-site contact personnel, updates to their itinerary and access to answers to any of your guest’s questions.

We know traveling can be exhausting, so Synergy makes every effort to make sure you don't have to sift through hundreds of emails by simply texting all the pertinent information on the day of your arrival. It's as simple as that.

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