5 Reasons a Travel Nurse Should Consider Serviced Apartments for Housing

Comfort, Convenience, and Affordability—The Housing Option You Deserve.

Nurse on the phone

For some travel nurses, it isn’t all about travel.

Some travel nurses are drawn by an internal drive to jump to the rescue of a stressed-out healthcare system, natural emergency, localized disease outbreak, or pandemic. They live for the front lines and the opportunity to lend their expertise when a community needs it most.

Are you a traveling nurse?

If so, first and foremost, thank you! Secondly, we want you to know there is a housing option that blends the ease and simplicity of agency-placed housing, with the optionality of stipend housing, all for an incredible value and price point.

Learn the difference between agency placed housing and stipend housing from travelnursing.org.

Turn-key Affordable Furnished Housing Options

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Located in city centers near major hospitals, serviced accommodations are the perfect answer for the traveling nurse looking for the comforts of style and elevated living combined, with a turn-key affordable furnished housing option.

Enjoy a In-Unit Washer & Dryer

Who wants to walk to a laundry mat, or a separate building and wait in front of a machine after tending to a surprise C. Diff attack or the cranky patient who thinks maid service is part of your job!?

In unit washer and dryer.

Many serviced apartments come equipped with in-unit washers, dryers, and courtesy laundry detergent. They have everything you need to walk in the door, toss the dirty scrubs into the machine and let it do its thing while you fall face-first into the pillow.

Ample Square Footage

Serviced apartments offer traveling nurses the space they need to relax after a long shift. Why come home after a long day (or night) on your feet to a cramped, dingy space? And worse, a space you didn’t choose or like. Serviced apartments are selected and designed to make the most of the space to support a healthy, vibrant living environment. Black-out curtains, eye masks, and earplugs are available upon request!

living room

Full-Sized Kitchen and Refrigerator

12-hour shifts don’t exactly inspire the inner culinary artist, yet options are always a good thing! Serviced apartments come fully equipped with all the necessary cookware, plates, utensils and basic spices to enjoy a rejuvenating affordable night in. Moreover, since you now have the extra space, you can host your fellow scrub-clad, clog-wearing comrades for a little yoga and Cosmos. Not to mention, the full-size fridge of a serviced apartment is more suitable for meal preparation and storing leftovers than the pint-size version you might find in a converted space, hotel or in-law unit.

kitchen inside Synergy apartment

Multi-bedrooms for you and a friend

Roommates are a great way to split the cost of the unit and save some of your stipend money for more important things like the necessary craft cocktail to unwind and the specialty latte needed to charge up.

Studios, one, two, and even three-bedroom apartments are typically available upon request. Synergy even offers proprietary intuitive roommate matching technology to help pair our guests with roommates who share similar work hours, habits and temperaments (advanced notice required).

Flexible Contract & Payments Options

Woman opening the curtains.

Serviced apartments are usually leased by independent operators, separate from management companies and building owners. This layer of service injects flexibility into rental contracts and payment terms. Moreover, with shorter and flexible length of stay requirements, serviced apartments offer traveling nurses a perfect temporary housing solution that better suits the varied lengths of employment contracts, a travel nurse might encounter. 

Serviced apartments combine the convenience, ease, and support of agency placement with the style and optionality of stipend housing. Don’t settle and don’t stress out, you have more important things to worry about than housing. Allow Synergy to take care of you, so you can take care of those that need it most.

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