Stronger, together.

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Stronger, together.

Synergy is trusted by some of the world’s most renowned companies to deliver fully furnished serviced apartments and temporary accommodation for relocations, internship programs and group moves. When you join Synergy as a supplier, you’ll be part of the strongest partner network in the world supporting a vast client base of Fortune 500 companies representing the top names in tech, finance, consulting, entertainment and more.

More bookings, fewer vacancies
Access to a new customer base
Prompt and reliable payment
Quarterly business insights
No hassle – we'll handle everything

Relax, you’re with Synergy.

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Relax, you’re with Synergy.

We have a global supply chain team dedicated to supporting our partners and a highly trained sales team to present your property to qualified bookers. Most of the guests who will be staying in your apartments are high caliber corporate stays. For all others, we perform thorough vetting and credit checks, and provide protection for any damages that might arise during the stay.

Enhanced visibility through technology.

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Enhanced visibility through technology.

Your property will receive widespread global exposure through strategic placement on our website, corporate client portals and exclusive Property Sourcing Tool. Not only will this heighten visibility and simplify the discovery of your property, but it will also provide essential features like live booking, reporting and valuable customer survey feedback.

Recognizing the best.

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Recognizing the best.

In addition to gaining access to a diverse client base and increased bookings, you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in our annual partner awards. The Synergies is a celebration of excellence that gives our partners the chance to enhance their reputation as a top-tier serviced accommodation provider.

Don't just take our word for it.

Hear from our existing property partners about their experience working with Synergy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to become a Synergy Supplier?

To become a Synergy Supplier, you must fill out a due diligence form, undergo an interview with a supply chain team member, execute a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with Synergy, and demonstrate service excellence along with adherence to metrics.

Who are Synergy’s clients?

Synergy’s clients encompass large global clients with diverse locations and various housing needs, relocation companies requiring temporary housing, and medium-sized to small local businesses with limited locations, among others. Specific client names are not disclosed.

Where does Synergy need supplier partners?

Synergy is constantly seeking exceptional supply chain partners capable of delivering the service levels expected by clients. Multiple partners in each market ensure clients have access to a diverse inventory, and move patterns are flexible, adapting to client profiles and needs, which can change annually.

What are the benefits of working with Synergy as a supplier?

Working with Synergy as a supplier offers numerous benefits, including performance management, reporting, and in-person business reviews. Suppliers have the opportunity to be certified through a neutral third-party agency, gain access to a more diverse client base, utilize state-of-the-art technology like Synergy SMART, and participate in events such as the Synergy Symposium and Annual Award ceremony. Additional advantages include involvement in focus groups, up-to-date information on accommodation trends through surveys, and real-time client feedback.

What kind of support and onboarding/training do suppliers receive?

Synergy provides extensive support and onboarding/training for suppliers, covering rental and lease processes, invoicing and billing, payment terms, and service standards necessary for success as a Synergy partner. Quarterly performance reviews involve discussions on business trends, process enhancements, and new client profiles. Global Supply Chain teams in the US, EMEA, and APAC regions offer ongoing support to suppliers.

How much business does Synergy provide to Supply Chain partners?

While specific financial details are not disclosed, Synergy emphasizes fair and equitable treatment for suppliers, considering them as an extension of the organization.

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