Can you really be duty-bound to care?

Business trips and relocations are stressful. We get it. Considering all the variables to plan, track, and account for, it is no wonder moving—whether for a week, a month, or permanently—is one of the top five most stressful events people experience in their lives.

Women enjoying her home space sitting on the coach while on the computer.

But what if it didn’t have to be? What if the unknowns, the variables, the timing, and the network of service providers all worked together to provide personalized, sustainable care throughout the business travel experience?

In other words, what if your safety and security were a given?

Caring… Not Because We Have to—Because We Want to

At Synergy, we believe caring is an inherent part of serving the business travel experience. We believe the business traveler and client shouldn’t even need to consider the safety and security of their accommodations regardless of whether they are in Seattle, Washington, USA, Hyderabad, India, or Singapore, Singapore.

Women enjoying her home space sitting on the coach while on the computer.

At Synergy, this attitude comes alive and is exercised via our hospitality mindset. As your host, we don’t feel a duty nor an obligation to care for you—we feel inspired by our very nature to care not only for you but about you. Your peace, happiness, and comfort matter a great deal. We strive to construct products and services to support a stress-free, peaceful trip because, at the end of the day, your safety and security should be the last thing on your mind while traveling for business.

Further, we recognize that not one traveler is alike. While we follow a checklist of safety and security standards and protocols, they don’t exist in a vacuum. We build them to be adaptive and flexible enough to answer the spectrum of personalities and preferences we encounter. For how can we make you feel like a guest without personalized care? It is in this subtle yet significant detail; Synergy stands apart.

Two women wearing masks greet each other by bumping elbows to ensure health safety.

We even take a step further and provide documented proof of the state of our accommodations before you arrive. With SynergySMART, we deliver an instant digital record verifying that your future accommodation is clean, sanitized, safe, and secure before you head out on your business travel. The result of this level of care is the peace of mind required to free you up to concentrate and be productive where it matters most.

When you choose Synergy, “Duty of Care” isn’t a task; it’s a privilege and something we take very seriously.

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