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The Silicon Valley of India 

Bangalore, though geographically modest, boasts a captivating charm that captures the hearts of its visitors. This vibrant city is a favored destination for business travelers and tourists alike, offering a delightful blend of Indian culture and a colorful tapestry of diversity within a bustling global technology hub. Exploring Bangalore city means immersing yourself in a treasure trove of ancient history, as you stroll along charming streets adorned with cobblestones and encounter architectural wonders that have stood the test of time, inviting you to delve into the profound heritage of this captivating city.


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However, it's not only about the attractions Bangalore offers; it's about the seamless feeling of being at home. Our accommodations in Bangalore are thoughtfully chosen to provide you with a comfortable and convenient home away from home experience. We take pride in delivering world-class hospitality and apartments nestled within some of the most central and friendly neighborhoods in the heart of the city. Count on us to ensure a remarkable extended stay adorned with the warmth and hospitality that Bangalore is known for, making your time in the Electronic City truly unforgettable.

Modern living

Embrace the epitome of modern living in our serviced apartments in Bangalore. Experience contemporary design, state-of-the-art amenities, and convenient access to the vibrant city. Each fully furnished apartment is meticulously designed to offer a comfortable living space, complete with a fully equipped kitchen, complimentary Wi-Fi, and seamless connectivity. With easy access to the bustling city center, our serviced apartments provide an ideal alternative to traditional hotels, whether you're planning a long or short-term stay. Immerse yourself in the dynamic energy of Bangalore while enjoying the comfort and convenience of our modern fully furnished flats.

What to expect from your accommodation

Bangalore is a well-established temporary accommodation city with a wide range of options available from furnished flats to traditional serviced apartments, or “corporate housing” as it’s known more locally. Before we dive deeper into each option, here are some must-knows that’ll help you get the most out of your accommodation.

Location is everything 
To put it bluntly, traffic is a nightmare in Bangalore. When choosing your apartment for rent in Bangalore make sure that it is close to places you’ll need to travel to frequently such as your office, children’s places of education and so on.

Terminology is key
Don’t ask for a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment in India— ask for a 1BHK or a 2BHK. BHK stands for bedroom, living hall and kitchen, and refers to your typical private serviced apartment. Asking for a “one-bedroom apartment” in India actually means you’re asking for one bedroom in a shared accommodation space.

Keep an open mind
From cows in the road (yes really, cows in the road), to poverty, to hustle and bustle like you’ve never known it, Bangalore can be overwhelming especially if it’s your first time here. Our advice? Keep your wits about you and embrace the colourful chaos.


Aparthotels are the most common type of serviced accommodation in Bangalore. They typically offer a collection of standardized apartments within a modern and purpose-built property. Apartments usually come as part of international hotel chains and will likely come at the higher end of the quality scale due to the lack of middle-of-the-range options in the city.Central locations, brand signage and access lighting make aparthotels very easy to find and service staff will be on site to provide a seamless arrival experience.

Aparthotels come with:

    • Bedroom
    • Living space and dining area
    • Fully-equipped kitchenette
    • Laundry facilities (either within the apartment or as part of a communal space)

Experience a range of services during your stay which can include a 24-hour reception, concierge, security, leisure facilities, room service, housekeeping, and a 24-hour Synergy support line. Furthermore, with round-the-clock services and on-site maintenance teams, maintenance requests are efficiently handled.

Serviced apartments

Serviced apartments, also referred to as corporate housing are different from aparthotels in that they offer guests a collection of rooms within a private residential complex and are often managed by a licensed corporate housing agent. Corporate housing apartments are typically larger than aparthotels but can vary based on location and providers.

All apartments will come fully furnished with:

    • Bedroom
    • Fully-equipped kitchen
    • Living and dining area
    • Laundry facilities (either within the apartment or communal space)

During your stay, you'll have access to various beneficial services including weekly housekeeping, meet and greets, and a 24-hour Synergy support line. While maintenance issues may take slightly longer to resolve in corporate housing due to the absence of a 24-hour on-site team, rest assured that we will efficiently address any concerns that may arise.

It’s a magnet for the world’s entrepreneurs both big and small, and it’s a city of the world’s future. You’ll come here for the booming commercial landscape, but we think you’ll want to stay for its modern vibe, colourful chaos and oh-so-mild climate.

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