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The Capital of Britain

There is nowhere else in the world quite like the city of London. Known to be one of the boldest cities in the world, London promises a thrilling mix of world-class entertainment, impressive architecture and enthralling culture, all set within a continuously evolving skyline. This is the city where skyscrapers tower over ancient cobblestone streets and historical landmarks, where "typically British" meets colourful diversity, and where the urban jungle meets nature and tranquility. Simply put, whatever it is you want, London has it.

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It’s not just about what London offers: it’s about how the city, so effortlessly, feels like a home away from home. All of our serviced apartments in London are carefully selected to ensure a comfortable and memorable experience. An experience adorned by world-class hospitality and serviced accommodations set within some of the most convenient and friendly neighbourhoods in central London.  

Modern living

Our aparthotels in London offer contemporary living defined by modern amenities and convenient access to the city. Each aparment boasts a comfortable living space, a fully equipped kitchen, complimentary Wi-Fi, and easy access to the bustling city centre. Whether you're planning a short or long-term stay, our serviced apartments provide an ideal alternative to hotels.


A world-class culinary scene, unrivalled nightlife and a whopping two thousand years of history…there’s more to the UK’s capital city than red buses and Big Ben. So put the kettle on, sit back and take a read of our quickfire guide to life as a local in London.

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