Jack Jensky
Co-Founding Partner

Jack Jensky

Jack Jensky has spent nearly three decades serving the corporate housing industry, twenty years as the Co-Founding Partner of Synergy Global Housing. He helped grow Synergy from a local regional housing provider into the global housing program management company it is today. Jensky is responsible for the development and delivery of innovative, customizable solutions that meet the evolving needs of the customer. On a day-to-day basis, Jensky oversees the organization’s Sales and Marketing efforts.

Jensky began his career as a sales representative at Oakwood Worldwide, where he grew a client contact list of three to 103 within his first six months of employment. He was promoted to Regional Sales Manager in 1992. It is in this role Jensky developed his leadership skills and strengthened his ability to serve as a mentor to the various sales individuals on his team.

While serving in this role, Jensky met Henry Luebbert, where the two quickly realized they both shared a passion for enhancing the guest experience of the temporary housing industry. Eventually, they began a partnership that became Synergy Global Housing.

In 2005, Jensky was awarded the Corporate Housing Providers Association’s (CHPA) Individual of the Year Award. In addition, under his leadership, Synergy has been awarded CHPA’s Most Creative Marketing and Best Green Progress awards.