Diversity at the Heart of Hospitality

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Diversity at the Heart of Hospitality

At Synergy, we foster a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEI&A) where individuals feel safe, empowered and encouraged to be their authentic selves. Recognizing that diversity fuels innovation, we provide equal opportunities for all to reach their full potential. Through our DEI&A initiatives, we promote awareness, understanding and inclusion across all levels, ensuring our organization reflects our unwavering commitment to DEI&A.

With Joan McCarthy Mack as Chief Diversity Officer, we drive our DEI&A ethos collaboratively, creating safe and authentic workplaces where everyone is welcomed and accepted.

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  • Prioritizing, nurturing, attracting, and developing talent from diverse backgrounds to ensure that our team reflects the rich tapestry of the global community we serve
  • Promoting equal treatment and expanding opportunities within Synergy
  • Fostering a culture at Synergy that embraces and celebrates the unique life experiences, backgrounds, and cultures of our team, ensuring that everyone feels heard, valued and empowered to be their authentic selves
  • Empowering a diverse and inclusive workplace that fuels innovation, fosters creativity, and enhances our ability to adapt in a rapidly changing world
  • Creating an environment where everyone's unique contributions are recognized and cherished, emphasizing the importance of individuality
  • Proactively identifying, addressing and eliminating any biases, barriers or internal obstacles that may hinder equal access to opportunities within our organization, ensuring the realization of equitable opportunities for all

Advancing DEI&A Development

Change is an ongoing journey and will require industry-wide effort to achieve. Synergy is fully committed to putting the programs and actions in place to continue to help nurture, evolve and drive, these include:

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Associate Wellness
We prioritize associate wellbeing with initiatives like no-meeting Fridays, extra holiday days and additional paid leave hours per quarter supporting their work-life balance and overall wellbeing.
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Outreach & Participation
We actively engage in professional development through conferences, webinars and local events, connecting with DEI&A experts and industry peers. This enriches our knowledge and fosters meaningful connections within our community.
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Supply Chain & Vendor Diversity 
We prioritize diverse supplier partnerships, driving diversity and revenue growth. In 2022, our supply chain team exceeded $25 million in supplier diversity spend, honoring our commitment to support and empower diverse businesses.
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Recruitment & Hiring 
We actively foster diversity in leadership through initiatives like diverse job fairs, councils and community programs. These efforts create opportunities for diverse talent and enhance our organization's overall growth and inclusivity.
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Education & Awareness 
We prioritize continuous learning for all associates through seminars, Red Talks (our version of Ted Talks), enhanced onboarding and ongoing training. These efforts provide valuable knowledge and resources for their personal and professional growth.
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Mentoring & Apprenticeships
Synergy's HR and management teams have developed guidelines and programs to identify, nurture and recruit a diverse talent pool. Through these initiatives, we prioritize fostering growth and success for individuals from diverse backgrounds.
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Synergy strives to foster an environment where everyone feels they belong; diversity, equality and inclusion is celebrated; and our company reflects the people and markets in which we work and live.

Synergy is People Focused

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Synergy is People Focused

Synergy celebrates its people, valuing the richness of diverse skin colors, gender orientations and beliefs. Our commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility is driven by the dedicated DEI&A Committee, led by our Chief Diversity Officer. Here are some key initiatives:

  • Grow@Synergy: Our leadership training program nurtures talent, providing strategies for leadership and well-being. To date, 50% of participants have been promoted.
  • Removing Degree Requirements: We believe in potential over credentials. By eliminating degree requirements from job descriptions, and taking part in the WERC “Upward Mobility” internship program, we create opportunities for individuals to excel based on their skills and potential.
  • Wellness Focus: Our “Summer Champions” team brainstorms wellness ideas, implementing wellness days and introducing associate well-being benefits for a healthier work environment.
  • Collaborative Efforts: We actively participate in the CHPA and GBTA DEI&A committees, engaging in debates, collaborations and sharing key learnings to advance DEI&A initiatives across the corporate housing industry.
  • Educational Partnerships: We work with the University of Surrey Hospitality & Tourism department to connect undergraduate students with the GBTA, offering networking and educational opportunities.
  • DEI&A Training: We develop comprehensive training programs to foster awareness, understanding and inclusivity among our associates.

Transforming Hospitality

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Transforming Hospitality

Synergy is deeply committed to corporate responsibility and collaboration. Through our actions and investments, we strive to drive transformational change.

Our people-first programs prioritize the health, safety, and security of our employees and guests. Embracing DEI&A and Duty of Care initiatives, we create an inclusive and secure environment.

We actively make tangible changes to improve our business practices. By integrating best practices into our operations, supply chain, IT systems and the guest and client employee experience, we are always striving to improve.

We firmly believe in upholding human rights, promoting equality, and eradicating all forms of discrimination and modern slavery. As part of our dedication to transparency and social responsibility, we invite you to read Synergy’s Modern Slavery Statement, which outlines our approach to combating modern slavery and ensuring ethical practices across our operations. Together, we can create a better, more just world for all.

Forging Strong Industry Relationships

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Forging Strong Industry Relationships

Synergy is at the forefront of promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEI&A) in the business travel and global mobility industries. Our team members actively contribute to the diversity committees of the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), Association Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP) and Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA), demonstrating our commitment to driving positive change.

In particular, our sales, marketing and operations teams play an integral role in developing tools and resources that educate the industry on building successful diversity programs for the business travel and mobility community. By doing so, we aim to bring transparency, learn from experts, share best practices and establish industry standards.

Our determination is to raise awareness throughout the industry and support our partners on their inclusive journey. We strive to create a new level of transparency, fostering collaboration and continuous improvement. Together, we are dedicated to driving change and building a more inclusive future.

“As a passionate advocate for Synergy, my unwavering commitment lies in driving and advancing our DEI&A goals, fully acknowledging the indispensable significance of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility in propelling our company's success and growth. By working together, we will lay the foundation for a transformative program that empowers and uplifts future leaders, ensuring a brighter and more inclusive future for Synergy.”

–Joan McCarthy Mack, Chief Diversity Officer