Defining the Meaning of Home in a Mobile World

Home is a loaded concept.

It is emotive, sensual, and nostalgic. It’s transcendent.

And yet, the concept of “home” is forever versatile. It carries the power to be different things to different people across different time horizons.

Family downtime

On its most basic level, a home satisfies the human need for shelter. Yet with that shelter comes a sense of safety… security… control, even. And when you feel safe, secure, and in control, you have the proper foundation to build a family, create memories, and carry out traditions. Home is generational in its power.

“At home, our heart rate slows, our breathing calms, and we become receptive to the world around us. Holistically at home, we become the truest version of ourselves.”

But what happens to the concept of home when you are on the road, traveling? What happens when work encroaches on the space designated as “home”? What happens when you no longer need to live near work, and home can be wherever you want it to be?

“Will-power isn’t productive; it is exhausting. Inspiration is productive, and you find inspiration when you are comfortable, secure, and a mesh in convenience. The home is inspiring.”

For many, corporate travel and mobility mean opportunity. Not just in the sense of meeting a client and closing a deal…  But in the sense of what it means to experience the world, be introduced to a new culture, and explore new possibilities.

“You are never freer than when standing on the precipice of opportunity.”

But, what if we expanded that thought to encompass a broader demographic? What if we encouraged ourselves to untether “home” from a single sense of place and allowed “home” and all its emotive, sensual, nostalgic, and transcendent power to flow naturally into our existence—wherever that might be? 

Family enjoying each others company

Think of the effects on productivity… general well-being… and health… Think of the impact on cultural awareness and inclusivity. Think of the possibility… The opportunities… And, of course, the potential…

“To unlock our globe’s potential, we must do everything we can to bring ‘home’ to the global traveler.”

When you allow the metaphorical walls surrounding the concept of home to fall and investigate what a world might look like where home knows no bounds—where home truly is “where the heart is” regardless of a physical location—one can begin to understand the potential that rests in the alternative accommodation space.


Henry Luebbert
Synergy Co-Founder, Henry J. Luebbert

In coordination with the Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA), join Synergy’s visionary co-Founder, Henry J. Luebbert, as he leverages the expertise of four extraordinary leaders (Jennifer BreenRina M Montalvo, LL. M., GMSCraig Partin, CRP CCHP, GMS; and James Foice) to redefine, reshape, and reimagine the potential lying dormant in the alternative accommodation industry.

Attendees of the session titled A Place to Always Call Home will be treated to a virtual exploration of how each vertical within the alternative accommodation space can play a vital role in developing opportunity for an industry on a precipice of an evolution. The panel will ponder alternative accommodation as a concept and solution, set to the context of an ever-increasing globalized world—all juxtaposed with the powerful concept of what it means to be home. 

This conversation won’t be so much about finding answers but about finding the right questions to ask to bring forth the potential of the alternative accommodation space. 

Questions to consider

  • How can the industry answer the evolving needs and desires of the consumer/client? 
  • Where do we need to take our technology to reach a modern “ease of use” standard representative of home life? 
  • How can we attract new partners to the industry via the stewardship of home? 
  • What are the base set of standards we must achieve to inspire consideration amongst a broader demographic?
  • How can we, as an industry, create a travel ecosystem boosting the sensory and emotional markers of a home-like experience? 

Attendees will leave with an invigorating perspective on productivity, general well-being, and cultural expansion where the concept of the home truly knows no bounds.

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We hope you’ll join us.

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